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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

summer is not over.
ok really it is usually still warm until at least october, yes, even here in new england. people always seem to forget this. if you are a kid or a teacher and you have to go back to school, then yes, summer is over, but for the rest of us, the one perk of not having summers off is that nothing changes the day after labor day, so as long as the temperatures are in the 70s it is still summer to me. so :P!
i had a great summer so far - jason and i had a nice tour of eastern canada, we took the CAT ferry from ME to nova scotia, spent a night in halifax, then took another ferry to PEI. there we met up with his family, i got to experience a cow show, and then we were on to new brunswick to spend a few days at jason's parents' house in keswick. a few weeks later we had a nice little vacation with my parents, jeremy, and jen in myrtle beach. hopefully my tan will last a few more months!! hope everyone has had a nice summer and enjoys THE REST of it!!


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