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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

one of my pet peeves...
i'm so sick of hearing people ask couples, "so, when you are you guys going to have kids??" why not just ask "so, when are you guys going to have sex?" it is a personal issue and it is so rude and inappropriate to ask about it no matter how close you are to someone. you don't know what their situation is, maybe they are having fertility issues, maybe they had a miscarriage, maybe they are having marital problems? if a married couple doesn't have kids either they have decided not to right now or they're having a problem, either way it is no one's damn business and it is only going to make them feel bad to have to discuss it. if you think they've decided not to & that you will change their minds by harassing them about it, i really think people should have kids because they are ready & want to, not just to get everyone to shut up and stop asking about it.
i've seen friends of mine in all of the above situations asked about it practically every day and it pisses me off to see them have to keep smiling and make up some answer to avoid the discussion that has no place in everyday conversation. i can't wait until i get married and people start asking me that, i'm going to make up some answers to make them as uncomfortable as possible. mind your own business & if the person wants to discuss it with you, they will bring it up on their own.


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