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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the sox weren't the only ones who got rings on opening day...
yes that's right, i'm engaged! jason and i met 3 years ago on opening day so he got tickets for opening day on april 8 at fenway. he wanted to get there as soon as the doors opened and i was like, why are we going so early to sit there and freeze?! he led me to what i thought were our seats for the game and pointed out that we were in the seats we sat in for the first game we ever went to together. i was really confused and then he said he thought it was a good place to ask me to marry him! then we proceeded to watch the sox get their world series rings (altho i like mine better!) and then win their home opener. we don't have any details yet but pretty soon this will probably turn into a wedding-planning blog! i'll keep you posted...


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