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Friday, March 21, 2008

blasts from the past...
happy spring, and happy good friday... man it is slow here today, all of my clients have the day off but do i? nooooo... well i signed up for facebook a while back, at first it was all people that jason knew from canada, so for 99% of my "friends" it said "you know this person through jason." then a few weeks ago people starting sprouting up from high school. now all of a sudden a bunch of people i went to elementary school with are on there. it's pretty crazy to think it was so long ago that we all saw each other every day! they were mentioning names i probably haven't thought of in 20 years but remembered them right away! it's so weird to see them all now. a lot of them look exactly the same! i'll be doing some scanning this weekend to put up some old pics and it should be interesting to see what other people have!


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