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Thursday, October 11, 2007

october in boston....
very excited about the playoffs so far... lookin forward to some sleepless nights... luckily not quite as sleepless as some in the past, since the yankees are OUT!!!!

let's see... what's new... been havin a lot of stuff needin to be fixed around the house, welcome to home ownership huh. luckily pretty minor stuff. been to a bunch of concerts and stuff... saw toby keith with miranda lambert recently. it was a pretty awesome show. (the ny'ers are probably like who shot who in the what now?) other than that a lot of watching the pats and the sox. good times in new england!! work has been pretty crazy, training lots of newbies so hopefully it will be an easier holiday season than last year!

happy october! hope to see a lot of the old peeps at homecoming!!!


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