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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

labor day weekend
had a great time in canada. first we visited jason's family on the farm. played with the cats and the new kitten... took a ride on the boat sat am. the weather turned out so perfect!! next we headed to st. john to visit greg and michelle. they've got this really cute house a few minutes from the water. we walked around for a while and climbed up by this tower with a view of the city and the sea. there was an awesome rainbow! had dinner in st. john and stayed over. then we headed back to visit jean-marc and kerri and the kids in oromocto. finished the weekend with a race at geary. interesting crowd! the cars are like what they race at nascar but the track was a lot smaller. it was pretty neat to be that close to the track tho. we hadn't had quite enough racing yet so we stopped by tony and amy's to watch the end of the nascar race. monday we hung out at julie's for a while looking at her pictures from her year in saudi arabia.

well, back to reality! hope everyone enjoys the rest of summer. yes, the rest. because it's not over!! :P


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