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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

start your engines!
went to my first nascar race a few weeks ago... definitely recommend it altho i am glad it wasn't 90+° like when jason went last year. we had perfect weather - not too hot, not too cold, a bit cloudy so we weren't baking in the sun all day. the race was pretty exciting - it is very neat to stand there while 40+ cars whip by at 180 mph. we sat just past turn 4, so we could see the cars coming at us as they came out of the turn. having watched more races than i ever expected to with jason, i recognized a lot of the drivers and cars, so that made it pretty cool. if you've never watched racing i'm not sure it would be as interesting, altho i usually get bored when jason has it on tv and i didn't really get bored in person. we had some added excitement as the chick sitting next to us proceeded to drink herself into a coma and had to be removed by the medical staff. sound familiar? this time i did not get puked on, altho i didn't get free tickets to pearl jam either.

last weekend mom and dad were here and tried the whale watch from boston, it was pretty cool, we had a group of 4 whales hanging out and i got some decent pictures. check the website for new pics comin soon!! :)

hope everyone is havin a good summer!


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