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Monday, July 30, 2007

no shoes, no shirt, no problem
had an awesome time at the kenny concert on saturday. traffic was a little nuts and it took mark and laura THREE HOURS to get there. i felt so bad for them!! it took us about an hour (normally about 12 minutes). luckily the weather was pretty good, it was HOT!! but it was a good time. altho they had issues with my bag, despite the fact it fit perfectly in the box they use to test that it's not too big, they wouldn't let me in because IF the bag was full it wouldn't fit. i was like, that is why i emptied half the stuff out in the car so that it wouldn't be full. then when i returned with my pockets full and bulging out the woman asked "oh is that just your cell phone" and i said "yes" and she said "okay go ahead." what is that??? their logic is a bit flawed. anyway other than that the concert was pretty awesome if i must say so as a former non-country-fan.

friday we headed to NH for jason's day of racing which was pretty awesome as well. he got to drive the 48 car (and randomly we ran into a guy with a 48 tattoo at the concert who was impressed with jason's racing photos). his top speed was 117 mph (they don't let you go much faster than that). got some good pics and video!! will try to post some soon.

have a great week everyone!


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