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Thursday, July 26, 2007

found out yesterday that my credit card info was stolen. my account had to be shut off and now i have to get a new card and update aLL of my automated payments. this happened a few years ago too. it's so frustrating that people pull off these scams and the merchants and cc holders have to be the ones to suffer. i'm careful about my credit cards too - i shred all cc-related mail and only use reputable and secure websites for online stuff. who knows how they get a hold of the info, hopefully the fraud investigators will find out where it originated but i have a feeling they won't. jerks!

well it's been a pretty slow week other than the credit fraud. but i'm excited for the weekend - tomorrow is jason's big day of racing up in nh and then saturday is kenny chesney. awww yeah. after that the summer quiets down a bit and i may finally have a few weekends of just relaxing!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sad that nowadays it is a regular event when credit card information are stolen. Unfortunately, there aren't ways to protect oneself absolutely..

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