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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

big week for concerts...
thurs nite went to see tool at tweeter. i am not the biggest tool fan altho i have always liked their music. the music was pretty awesome live. they are definitely weird tho. as you may have guessed from the creepy claymation stuff in their videos. they had some screens up showing more of that kind of creepiness but on stage, not much happening. maynard pretty much hid in the back of the stage like a scared animal and didn't talk to the audience until near the end when he suggested we have a good nite and not have sex with any relatives. good advice. overall it was a good concert tho. for some reason we decided to go with the free parking and of course spent about 2 hours waiting to move.

fri was another story. nickelback. same venue but a very different experience. the show started with a loud gunshot-like explosion and the lights cutting off. i didn't even realize it was planned at first but luckily it was... the show was full of pyrotechnics - fireworks and flames and gunshots everywhere. the lead singer, chad, was chatting with the audience the whole time and joking around. and to top it all off, for $20 we parked in a lot across the street from tweeter and had NO wait leaving. definitely doing that from now on!!

sat nite was dinner at the hunters' and then sunday finally some rest! watched babel - i didn't think it was as bad as some people have said altho the ending was kind of like, huh? i thought it was interesting tho.


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