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Thursday, April 19, 2007

i'm baaaaaaaaaack!

sooo sorry for the lack of posts. it has been a little crazy lately. first i bought a condo. then i went to the bahamas. then i was furniture shopping. then i went to a bachelorette party and a wedding, in different states, 2 weeks apart. BUT now i'm actually home and may have a few weeks of continuous life in the new place to finish unpacking and stuff. it is a very cute suburban apartment, was in great condition and mostly just needed some paint, which jason helped out with. it's got lots of big windows so i can't wait for this dreadful weather to be over. this weekend it's supposed to be up near 70°!!! woo hoo!! well better get some rest, lots of fun stuff on the schedule! hope everyone is having a nice spring besides all the rain and cold!!!


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