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Thursday, December 07, 2006


it has been completely insane at work lately. with the holidays there's more work than previously... and of course we lost some crucial people... and i had to train new people! and the phones didn't stop ringing. i've barely had time to go to the bathroom all week!! just like the post office requires patience this time of year, email services do as well, hopefully our customers will get this concept soon.

Holiday Catalong with the craziness at work, i'm putting in an offer on a condo! i found a really nice one in a great location. we'll see what happens. other than that, getting ready for the holidays which is always fun. and getting prepared for the cold! what a tease with this 60+° stuff one day and then freezing the next! ok ok wait i'm not complaining, can we have a few more 67s?

with the holidays coming of course i am working on getting all of my holiday cards ready. every year i update my big list-o-peeps. i know some people see writing out holiday cards as a chore, but i actually enjoy it. i like taking time to think about friends i don't see often, and touch base, and remind them that i think of them, despite the distance that separates us. and i do appreciate all of the cards i get too! for the past couple of years it has been bittersweet when i get to ann's name. i haven't been able to take it off my list. since she passed away in 2002 i have added her parents' names to my list, wanting to reach out and let them know that i'm thinking of them. i can only imagine how hard this time of year must be for anyone who has lost a loved one. i hope it helps her family to know she hasn't (and they haven't) been forgotten.

angelica has added a post to ann's memorial page and while it of course made me cry as usual, it was a nice reminder of the fun times. i hope anyone who's lost someone remembers those times at the holidays. i hope we all appreciate every day we have!! and take time at the holidays to tell people you care!! send some cards!! stop complaining and just look at some lights or something.

in the immortal words of mr. burns, "i bring you looovvve."

happy holidays!


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