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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

arrrrgh it has been crazy lately. work has been busy which is good i guess. spending a lot of time in traffic :/ looking at condos so that hopefully i can reduce the commute and gain an office so i don't have work from the corner of my living room anymore! it's rough tho, yes it is supposedly a good time to buy, but prices are still really high for anything decent around here. trying to decide which requirements to slash from my list, since i can't afford what i really want!

other than that i've been working to save some money! and getting ready for the holiday season... luckily it's been pretty warm so i can pretend winter's not too close!

was in ny a few weeks ago for lauren's bridal shower! got to see the whole family and play with ashley a bit. can't wait to see everyone for thanksgiving :) :)

hope everyone is having a happy fall!


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