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Monday, September 11, 2006

september 11

i can't believe it has been 5 years. so much has happened since then but i will never forget how i felt that day. and i hope no one ever forgets. it's hard when some people want to just move on and forget. a lot of people don't understand that everyone deals with tragedy in different ways. a few years ago i was so pissed that my company didn't hold any kind of memorial or even mention what happened. but then i realized that for some, it makes them just as angry to hear about memorials or any other reminder. some people deal with it by moving on and trying not to think about it. for me, healing involves reading the stories of survivors, remembering the day, crying for it, and then going back to my life. i need to remember and reflect to move on, while some need to put it out of their minds. i listen to the reading of the victim's names and look them up, i feel like i should honor them by learning who they were. i think we all need to respect each other's methods of coping. but however you deal with it, i think we should all use it as an excuse to change, in some way, to make the world better. if you haven't checked out, please look it over - used to be called One Day's Pay - it calls for all of us to dedicate a day of service to others in memory of the victims of 9-11. i sign up each year, in memory of the victims and my friend ann who passed away a year after the attacks. you never know when you will be gone, so do what you can to make the world better while you're here! as horrible as 9-11 was, so muany people showed their love and compassion, and i hope we all remember those extremes of how hate can rip the world apart, and how there are so many with the goodness inside them to overcome that hate.


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