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Friday, August 11, 2006

no travel this weekend!!

ready for some relaxing time at home this weekend! last week was in ny, too short tho, didn't get to see everyone, sorry! had dinner with maureen and got to meet justin! he's a cutie! he joined us for dinner at cozymel's and was very well-behaved. sunday jason and i joined dad and jeremy for a mets game, they totally kicked butt and won 8-1, complete with the mets' 8th grand slam of the season. the last time i was at shea they were giving out mets dog puppets and i named mine "strawberry" after the star at the time! so it was nice to see it again, just in time for it to be torn down to build a smaller stadium (money money).

this weekend we're goin to fenway saturday to watch the sox take on baltimore and hopefully stop the bleeding! oh and i found out i'm goin to the pats' home opener :) :)

happy birthday jason!! and stephanie!!


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