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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

hot hot hot
so i'm told we could meet or exceed an all-time record of 107° this week. boy i can't wait for that. at least it is always freezing in my office. i have to wear a sweater or 2, and always forget when i go out for lunch, so i walk outside all bundled up and it's like a sauna. oops!

had a great time this weekend up in canada, jason's friends had a gathering at their house on the lake, the weather was awesome and we got some swimming in. then we were treated to music and a mini-fireworks show out on the dock. we also went out for a couple spins on his parents' boat, where jason and his brother entertained us with their skee-doo talents. we also took a tour of the mactaquac dam, it was pretty crazy. we actually went inside one of the chambers where the water comes into the turbines (it wasn't being used obviously!). it was a little freaky but neat!

hope everyone is having an awesome summer, stay cool!


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