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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

july 4th adventures

the weekend of the 4th, mom & dad came up as well as jason's parents... saturday nite we all met up for dinner at jeff & lynne's house. sunday we did the fenway tour - it was really cool! we got to sit in the press box and monster seats. of course now it made me want monster seats for a game even more!!! i'll have to see what i can do about the $500+ that standing-room-only seats go for... didn't get to go out on the field as they had just put down new sod (not sure why they did that BEFORE the dave matthews concert...) but we all had a great time. then went to fire & ice for dinner. awwww yeah. that nite we thought we found a great spot to see the local fireworks... not so much. but monday nite we headed to the beach and caught a good local show all along the coast.

tuesday we wound up heading into boston to see the show on the chaaaaaaales. it was pretty cool as usual. altho they did the flyover backwards this year (came from the east instead of coming from the charles) so we were looking the wrong way and kind of missed it. but we got a pretty good less-popular spot to watch from, which was closer to the car so we got out of there pretty quick, which was awesome! some interesting events this 4th... first a bird pooped on my head (that's supposed to be good luck right????), and someone thought a fireworks show was a good place to take a dog, which of course proceeded to bark right through the entire 23 minutes of the show. now, i love dogs... but i hate some dog owners. if you can't control your dog, why not do the right thing and take him home, instead of ruining things for everyone else and making people hate your dog? but anyway... still some pretty impressive fireworks, especially for the canadians who hadn't seen that big a show before.

last weekend, lauren & jim were up for a visit, had a semi-good beach day, and a nice dinner at marina bay. mehma was up as well so i headed to jeff's sunday nite for dinner. this weekend is the big KDR reunion as mark and heather get married... i'll probably have some pics up next week...

hope everyone's havin a nice summer!!


Blogger Jasper said...

Bird poop attack? You know where that good luck myth came from: Once a rich man went on a safari. As he was about to enter the jungle, his guide warned him, "The jungle is a dangerous place. There are tigers, poisonous snakes and other obvious dangers. But the most deadly of them all is the mysterious foo bird."

"What makes it so dangerous?" the man asked.

"The foo bird is a very territorial animal," the guide explained. "If you walk under a tree in which a foo bird nest, it will relieve itself on you."

"Well, that certainly doesn't sound like much fun," the man replied, "but it doesn't sound dangerous."

"There is more than that. You cannot wipe it off, bad mojo bwana."

The rich man had trouble believing it and didn't pay it much mind. A few hours later, they were walking through the jungle and a glob of foo bird feces hit him on top of the head. Before the guide could do or say anything, the man reached up and wiped it off. Sure enough, he dropped dead instantly.

The moral of the story is: If the foo shits, wear it.

9:43 AM  
Blogger erica said...

Well as it turns out, it can be wiped off with those handi-wipes you get at restaurants, which luckily jason's mom had, as it was not that white stuff but actual brown poo that STUNK. soooo gross!!!!

2:02 PM  

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