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Monday, June 05, 2006

Rained out... for a change...

ok enough with the rain already! i'm ready for the beach... seriously! friday nite it rained. met jason at friday's (where else!). then we watched the simpsons finale (taped it a couple weeks ago)... and watched poor lenny (roommate's cat) wheezing all over the apartment as he has developed kitty asthma (!). apparently whatever they gave him at the vet hadn't worn off because he kept walking into stuff. i felt sooo bad but it was kind of funny :( saturday we went to dinner & a movie with "j.jill" as we call them (his roommate, jarret, and jarret's gf jill). we ate at not your average joe's which is a favorite since they have a very different menu than you'd see anywhere else. and of course because they've got that pre-meal bread basket thing going. we saw "the break-up," which despite its reviews was pretty funny, altho it did get a little drama-heavy towards the end. i won't give it away but it was one of those "huh??" kind of endings.

speaking of not giving away endings i haven't seen the sopranos season finale yet and have spent the day avoiding mention of it! the o.c. finale was ruined for me when i opened my browser, which had msn set as the home page, and the top headline mentioned who it was that died. not that i wouldn't have guessed during the episode... but it would have been nice to not be 100% sure! so today i changed channels on tv/radio several times and had to tell my coworkers not to discuss the ending yet when they started chatting about it! will probably watch tonite with jason after we drop off his truck for some more repairs. hopefully that will solve all of his auto problems!

hope everyone had a great weekend! and that we start getting better weather, instead of rain all weekend and then all clear in time for the work week :/


Blogger erica said...

ps saw sopranos and it was also a "huh" kind of ending!

11:14 PM  
Blogger Jasper said...

I had a blog once but no one posted comments. I ended up reading my own posts and adding comments but then I got into arguments with myself and spent too much time fighting. Can't we all get just along?


9:06 AM  
Blogger Jasper said...

Oh, you may see comments and get excited but watch out for the spam comments. Just like the email version, I've already seen a few already:
1. Tip Top Equities
2. "Hey Meet Me Today I'm available in your area tonite GO HERE NOW!"
3. Get any Desired College Degree, In less then 2 weeks!

5:09 PM  

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