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Friday, June 16, 2006

good news, bad news...

the bad news is, i spent an average of 3 hours a day sitting in traffic this week. the good news is i got my paycheck, and found out we are going to get july 3 as an additional holiday :) :) so i guess a job i really like that pays well + a commute i really hate = i can live with it. definitely going to look at condos closer to work tho! but i survived my first week on the early shift. lookin forward to less traffic and more sleep next week! not much else goin on right now. looks like we might actually get a beach day this weekend!!!! :) :) :) so i am pretty excited about that.

so july is going to be a little crazy, with lots of peeps comin up to visit, and july 4th [and now the 3rd too :) ] hopefully sometime in august i can head down to LI to visit everyone else!!

ps happy birthday maureen!!!


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