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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day weekend - officially the start of the summer season!

headed up to canada with jason and his roommate jarret. not the best road trip ever. got a late start with way too much traffic, rain, all that fun stuff... then as we passed through bangor the car decided to die and filled with the smell of gas (and no it didn't come from jarret!). at 10:30 PM. on friday. of memorial day weekend. we started making hotel plans since AAA wasn't too helpful. but when the tow truck driver showed up he informed us that by some miracle we had broken down within a mile of the only dealership still open in all of northern maine! they had us back on the road in about an hour. AND they had the game on AND the sox won. had to say it was a good day. of course we didn't get to jason's parents' until 4 AM! yuck.

saturday tony and amy had a cookout, the weather was awesome and we hung out watching the kids go nuts covering themselves in fingerpaint and eating food off of a trampoline (don't ask!). then we went back to his parents' and had a bonfire in their backyard. sunday we walked around fredericton, jason took some pics of the UNB campus and then we crossed the old train bridge over the river. we had a nice dinner at boston pizza and went out for ice cream (twice). ida was determined to prove that the singing frogs by the water can get so loud that you'd have to cover your ears, so we drove over and listened to them for a bit. they do in fact get pretty loud! julie brought back a souvenir when a june bug stowed away in her sleeve. ick! those things are pretty nasty. the cats had fun with them tho. one of the kittens had its first mouse. while i would normally be sad watching a dead baby mouse get smacked around, the kitten was too funny and i couldn't help laughing. those kittens are so cute i can't stand it! i think i might have to get one sometime soon!

the ride back was less eventful and it was encouraging to see the temperature display finally hit 90! hope the great weather continues!!!

ps thanks to everyone who wished me luck on the new job!! it's a lot of fun and i'm learning so much! the commute sucks but what can ya do.


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